What Is Google Ads?

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Hi guys! Just a quick video to explain what is Google ads.

I know we’ve all heard of Google ads but we don’t actually know what is and what it does and how it actually helps you. It’s just a quick video just to show you the different formats as to how you can get your ads in front of people.

So, Google advert is advertising platform by Google and what they do is, they place your adverts in front of people who are ready to buy. What that means is, when you’re searching for something, whether you’re searching for leather shoes or electrician in Newcastle or Durham, an advert which is relevant for that will appear at the top for you. So what I’m going to do is, I’m just going to pop on the computer and show you exactly what ever ad formats that are available for you to use.

Right so, there’s about 5 different ad formats that you can put your products or services in front of people who are searching for you.

The main one really is the

Search Ads.

If we’re looking and searching in Google, and we’ll type in “leather jacket”, you will see that the first page is full of ads. That is the main thing that will actually put you ahead of the rest of your competition.

See that you’ve got ad here Genuine Leather Jackets and you’ve got Stradivarius.com, that’s another ad, wish.com that’s another ad, and caineleathers is an advert as well, so these are search ads. Now on the right here you can see some images, and these are what you call

Shopping Ads.

If you’ve got ecommerce business, you have to upload your list of items that you stock. They will appear here for when someone searches leather jacket. So that shopping ads, and that is search ad.

Now the search ads normally appear at the top unless it’s not something you know people are bidding on. But you can see that it goes all the way down here, these are the organic results, here without the ads. So you can see that they’re quite a way down there, halfway down the page and as well at the bottom, you’ll see an ad there, okay? So that’s the search ad and that’s the shopping ad. The third type of ad format available for you is called a

Display Ads.

So, what is a display ad? It’s an actual graphic that you create and then you put it on to other peoples’ website. Just a quick one and which I did a lot, website that are hard to look at before which has Google ads display is Mumsnet.

You can see here Iceland, this is the Google ads and you’ve got one here as well. You can see that it’s seamless in the website so it looks part of the website and when you actually click into a link, see an article again. You can see it’s loading up the ad there or not, but did before… there you go, it actually just pop up now. These ads can be placed in any website that has the Google Adsense and it’s widely used for, it depends on who you’re actually targeting so you can target specific websites that your target audience goes to.

That’s one of the key things for display ads because it don’t really convert that well, because it’s not search intent. It’s just an advert that displays there and so for search ads, you know if you typed in leather jacket and all leather jacket medium size and I don’t know what type of leather or biker leather jacket? It’s very specific so you can appear for those search terms rather than, a general leather jacket, okay?

The fourth type of ads that Google has is called the

Video Ads

and they generally appear on YouTube videos.

Now, the ads can appear at the start of a video or in the middle depending on how long the video is or at the end. If you have look at this one, this one is for some 75 million views so it should have ads and you see that you’ve got Vanish (detergent), okay?

I generally don’t do video ads basically because, they take quite a while to do them. You obviously got to create the video and then you’ve got to create sort of different versions to test it out. It’s not a case of having one video and then plunking it in, then you know a pyramid for different channels which you can do. But in order to be effective, you want to be obviously doing several different videos and if you’ve got several different videos, great.

You can try it but I generally don’t do the Google video ads. Okay, so the final ad type that you have available to you is called an

App Ad.

They’re specifically for other businesses who have got software or apps that they want to advertise. You can see at the bottom here you’ve got Amazon pantry, you do have people who advertise on this who aren’t absent, who aren’t tech sector. But generally, they’re very poor at converting and what we mean by converting is either inquiry or sales. Because the reason why it’s poor is, these ads appear on apps and so they get clicked on by accident.

Generally people don’t mean to click on the ad to find out a bit more than normally on the app to actually use. Every time someone clicks on that app, it’s actually going to cost you so whenever you do a campaign, always…always…always… remove the option to appear on apps because that’s going to cost you money. I hope that helped you understand sort of the different type of ad formats that you have available to you. I know some of you probably didn’t even know there was 5 different Google type ad.

But now that you know, you can obviously, when you’re searching online, or you’re on your app, you understand how that’s actually a Google ads. Generally, I tend to focus on the search ads, and the reason why that is, because people are actually searching for the type of product or services and that might be relevant to you.

Therefore, if you’ve got a restricted budget and you don’t have endless budget, that’s very good for you because you can appear at the top without actually costing you a fortune. I hope that helped and I want to go into different areas and explain sort of how you can optimise your ads, how to appear for it and hopefully you know, I’ll do a bit of training to help you get set up as well, okay? Speak to you later!

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