Google Ads Location Targeting

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Hey guys, is your Google Ads targeting the wrong location for your business?

If you’ve found this video, then it probably is. I’ll show you how to pinpoint where your ads are shown so you can get a better performance and a better return on your ad spend.

Hey guys, a common mistake I see when people are advertising on google ads is having their location targeting all wrong and it’s costing them a fortune.

If you were a coffee shop, would you be wasting your money advertising to people 300 miles away?


If you were a vet, would you be targeting people in a location at the other end of the country?

Probably not.

Well it happens so often that people are still making these same mistakes and they complain that Google Ads don’t work for them.

So i’m gonna jump on the computer and show you how to fix that.


Logging Into Your Google Ads Account:

So if you log into your Google Ads account and go to your campaigns, you can see that there’s a couple of campaign here. 

You might have one or you might have several, if you just click into one of campaigns and you will see more details.

Campaign Settings:

Click edit in settings and scroll down to location. You can see that it’s currently it covering the whole United Kingdom, if we just drop this down and enter another location and then click advanced search.

Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings

Location Settings

Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings, Enter Another Location, Advanced Search

Now here you can choose where you are going to target your ads.

Target your google ads by location or radius

So you can do my location or by radius.

Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings, Location And Radius

It depends on your business and where your customers are based in so you can do radius, lets say Manchester.

And you can do a 20 mile 50 mile radius or even down to 5 miles. 

Proximity of your location

You can see that’s where you will be shown. 

You can drop it down, click on the edit button, drop it down to 1 mile and you can see it has narrowed it down. so if you’ve got a small budget but you’re just covering a 1 mile radius then you can see your budget would be really focused on that area and it’s not going to be shown outside of that 1 mile radius. 

Targeting your google ads by Post codes (Zip Codes)

You can also type in postcodes so M1 or M14 target this areas, you see. M2 or M20. so now you can see that you are targeting specific postcodes, this is  brilliant if you’re actually just a local business because then you can see where your searches are actually coming from and therefore after a while, your able to put your Google Ads budget in to that specific location.

Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings, target by postcode or zip code
Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings, targeting by multiple postcode or zip code

Advanced Location Options

All you need to do is just click the save, remember this has just been bought out by Google Ads quite recently, so you can see that target, you can target people in or who show interest in your target location and that’s recommended by Google.

Google Ads Setting Editing Location Settings, location options, people in or regularly in your location

I wouldn’t recommend that.

People in or in your targeted location is a far better option if you’re actually based in just Manchester.


You see, Google ads isnt just technical, it’s about understanding your business so you can target your budget with maximum effect. 

It’s the basics of marketing.

Know who they are. Know where they are and what they are searching on Google. Then with laser precision, target these people with a campaign and monitor the response.

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