#1 Reason Why Your Google Ads Isn’t Showing Properly

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Are your Google Ads not showing up properly?

Are they appearing for products and services which you don’t offer?

Maybe your ads are showing when people type in but not displaying the right advert?

If you’ve found this article, the chances are that your Google Ads hasn’t been set up properly.

In this article, i’m going to show you the heart of Google Ads and how it differs from other paid advertising, so that you understand not only how to get more enquiries but BETTER enquiries when you’re using Google Ads.

Hey guys, This video is going to focus on what differs Google Ads to the other marketing platforms and why its the #1 marketing tool in the world, and that is no exaggeration.

Google gets billions of searches everyday

If you are looking to find somewhere for holiday, you search on google

Need something answered… Google It

92% of the World’s population who are online, use Google to search.

So for Google to monetise this hugely successful search engine, they match up these billions of searches every second of the day to relevant adverts and the main way they do this is by matching up the “Search term” that people type in to the search engine and the “Keywords” That businesses bid for.

So for example,

If I was to search for “divorce solicitor”, then I would expect to see adverts from legal firms offering “Family law”.

I wouldn’t want commercial law, intellectual law or even criminal law adverts appearing in my search because it isn’t relevant.

Google wants to show relevant search results, otherwise people will begin to use other search engines, so they are protecting their own interests.

But what happens if I type in “why are divorce solicitors so slow?” or “Worst family solicitors to avoid”

You wouldn’t necessarily want your advert showing up for those search terms right?

Well this is where Google differs in how they decide which ads show and which ones don’t.

It’s called Match Types.

Match types allow Google to decide which adverts are relevant and which aren’t. The more relevant your keywords the more chance your ad will show up for the correct search term.

The Match types include:

  • Broad Match,
  • Phrase match,
  • Exact match
  • and Negative matches.

In general, broad match gives Google the licence to predict other words that might mean the same and show your advert, so in the previous example it could allow google to display your advert when someone types in “how do i separate from my girlfriend?”

The chances of a family law firm getting business from that won’t be good.

Going down to the other end of the spectrum, you have an exact match, which means the exact words need to be included in the search term for it to appear.

So again, if you were to have “Divorce solicitors’ as your keywords in exact match, your ad will only show for this when these words are typed in.

The downside to that is that someone typed in “Divorce solicitors near me” or “divorce solicitor firm” your ad won’t be displayed.

So you see, structuring your Google ads campaign, managing your keywords regularly and its match types is essential for a successful Google Ads campaign.

It can reap you great rewards, gets you lots of enquiries and sales, but you need to keep on top of what people are typing into the search engine so that your ads display correctly for what people are looking for.

If you are currently running Google ads but feel that you should be getting better results, click on the contact me button and drop me a message and I will review your Google Ads campaigns for free in a 1-1 strategy session.

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