6 Costliest Mistakes In Google ads

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Hey guys! In this video, I’m going to show you…

The six costliest mistakes that people do when they’re using Google Ads.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’re going to hold a huge advantage over your main competitors and basically, you will be able to sidestep these mistakes and improve your performance. So sit back, learn how you can do a mini order of your own account and also, how each setting is able to improve your Google Ads performance and improve your returns.

google Ads Search network and display network.

So the first mistake is a default setting by Google, they sneakily put it in and it doesn’t really improve your performance. In fact, it’s detrimental to your performance and your stats. When you create a campaign, and if you look at network settings, you will see that, you will automatically be included in a search network and also display network. So for those who have seen my previous video, I explained a little bit about Displayed Network Ads.

The Display Network Ads is generally a low converting and low click-through, therefore, if you include this in your search advertising, it’s going to drag down the performance of your search add. And therefore, increase the cost of your clicks.

Incorrect Geographic Targeting For Your Google Ads

The second common mistake that people do is Incorrect Geographic Targeting. What I mean is, if you’re a service based business let’s say plumber or an electrician and you cover only the Northeast of England, there’s not really much point in doing a UK wide advertising campaign.

So your ads appearing in London, Manchester, Birmingham and if someone searches for plumbers or an electrician and click on your ad, it’s going to cost you quite a bit for a lead that’s not going to generate much because you can’t service them. So just be mindful as to where you’re targeting, so lean on from that.

Geographic settings for locations of interest In Google Ads Settings

The third most common mistake nowadays is one that Google’s had a hand-in, because they’ve recently added these options in and to give a bit more precision. But with their default setting may not be right for you. What it is? It’s the Geographic settings for locations of interest.

The default is people in or who show interest in your targeted locations. And that’s the recommended settings to have, but for quite a lot of businesses, it’s not the right one. The right one for quite a lot of businesses are people in or regularly in your target locations. So you know, it really depends on your business and also, the third option is searching for people who are interested in your target locations.

Let say a hotel in London, you obviously want to attract people who are abroad or from different are from London, so again the adverts search outside of London. Whereas with the second option it’s the people who are in this location so just be wary of that.

Ad extension links

The fourth most common mistake that I see when I’m reviewing an account is the extension links. Now these extensions don’t cost anything, what they do is they make your ads appear bigger and it gives the people who are searching on Google a lot more options. So you’ve got call-out links, you’ve got site links; you’ve got call messages location pricing promotion. You can add all these to make your advert a lot bigger and then if you didn’t have it, that is another option that you can have and it’s completely free and you should take full advantage of it.

keywords and your search terms

The fifth on the list is matching up with your keywords and your search terms. There’s lots of different ways to match up your keywords, so if you’re selling man’s leather jacket and you don’t have your match type correct, or if it’s too broad, then you could be appearing for ads such as women’s leather jacket or men’s jacket or men’s suit jacket. So if you only sell men’s leather jacket, that’s what you need to be appearing for, otherwise, you’re wasting money.

There are different match types; you’ve got board match and you have board match modified, you’ve got phrase match, exact match, and negative match. You can use a lot of different match type but you need to be aware on how to use it.

What I’ll do in another video, I will create over a brief outline as how they works, just be aware of that. Keeping on top of your search terms and this is where you look for your search terms; these are what people are searching for in Google. What your ads are appearing for and you keep on top of them and if you see that they don’t match up, you need to exclude them in the negative keywords.

Conversion Tracking

The last mistake and it’s the most costliest for Google ads users, is not having Conversion Tracking setup.

So what is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking is like a little flag for Google ads to show that your ads are working. Whether that’s getting an inquiry or selling the product. Google ads will show indicator as to which advert has sold and what it lead to do so.

If you don’t have the Conversion Tracking, you won’t know which campaign, which keyword is working, and which advert is working. So therefor, adding your Conversion Tracking is absolutely essential to be successful in Google Ads.

I hope that’s been really beneficial for you, whether you’re starting up in Google ads account or currently running your own campaigns, you know the pitfalls that you face with Google ads. You can avoid them and improve your performance and get better response from your Google ads.

If you’re currently running your own campaigns and you’ve gone through a many order of your account but you’re still uncomfortable changing the settings, just message me or contact me below and I will arrange a time to go through the account with you.

What we’ll do is we’ll try and see how we can improve your performance. So if you liked this video and if you found it useful, please give me a thumbs up just so that I know that I’m doing a good video for you guys. I will catch you soon!

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