3 Free Tools For Keyword Research

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3 Tools To Help yOu Find Out Exactly What People Search For When Looking For You!

Hey guys today i’m going to be about free tools to help you with the keyword research, but before I dive into those tools some of you may be asking

What is keyword research?

Why is it important? 

Well, keyword research is about finding out exactly the type of words and phrases people are searching in Google.

Keyword research is really important because if you want to be appearing in front of the right audience you need to be using the right words and phrases in your website.

The whole point of advertising on Google is to appear in front of something that people are searching for.

If you were a wedding photographer you don’t want your website appearing when someone searches for a videographer, and likewise if you were a wedding photographer whose solely specialise in that, you don’t want to be appearing for something such as a landscape photographer; so the whole point of doing your keyword research is to be able to find those keywords and phrases and appear at the top for when someone searches them on Google.

If you are going for generic terms in Google ads then you’re most likely going to be paying over the odds.

The reason why is because people who are new to Google ads they don’t know what they’re doing.

They will be putting keywords such as these generic terms and be over bidding, they won’t have any control over it and therefore, they’re gonna push up the price of the cost per click. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing as well, then obviously you’re just going to go along for the ride and bid higher which is exactly what Google wants and that’s how they make their money basically.

If you know what you’re doing and you’re searching for keywords that aren’t generic that people don’t instantly think of to compete against, then you’re able to actually find a gem of a keyword where potentially there’s not as much competition, your costs are going to be lower but also as well it’s going to be more relevant because people are actually searching for it.

So the reason why keyword research is so important whether that SEO or Google ads is to find those gems of a keywords.

So let’s crack on with these free tools and I’ll show you how to use them.

The first tool itself is Google, you will actually have used this but not realise just exactly what it means.

Now in the screenshot when you start typing in you will actually get suggestions it’s Google’s autosuggestion.

Keywords appear when searching with Google auto suggest

Now you can see that wedding photography, you can see this wedding photographer Newcastle, wedding photography photo albums so you’ve got wedding photography wedding photographer Newcastle you’ve got wedding photographers north east, wedding photographers near me, and when you click into one of the keywords you can actually scroll down to the bottom.

At the top you can see Newcastle wedding photographers, and Google ads £150 off remaining 2020 dates, bidvine, Aaron Jeffers photography so if we scroll all the way down to bottom, you see searches related to wedding photographers north east.

Now this tells you what people actually searching, so you can see that is north east wedding photography wedding photographers Newcastle, Durham wedding photography photographer north east landscape photography, Wylam Brewery wedding photography so you’ll see that there’s a lot of these keywords that are available for you to actually start using and start targeting.

Google keyword research related searches at bottom of screen

Just clicking on one of these links, you will see that there’s more suggestions and searches that are related to wedding photography in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

So you can start targeting these keywords and for example if you were to write a blog about Wylam Brewery wedding photography,you can you know right some tips as to where a good location is,all you need to do is go and have a look. If you’ve had experience in Wylam Brewery and doing photography wedding shoots then great, blog on your website about that and then you can start building in some other blogs such as tips for when you’re doing wedding photography in Wylam Brewery. 

That way you can actually obviously target people specifically looking for that, never obviously get them into some kind of funnel, get them to sign up to let’s say an eBook or something that’s downloadable or even an enquiry to actually book an appointment at Wylam Brewery for a meet and chat.

So that’s one suggest that you can use this Google’s auto suggestion for.

The next free tool is Ubersuggest a brilliant way of being able to see exactly how many people are searching, what the level of competition is.

Let’s have a look at Ubersuggest now, if we have a look at wedding photography all you need to do is type in wedding photography in the search box and then you choose your location that you’re searching for, which is England and you click search.

using ubersuggest for keyword research

You can see there is over 22000 searches per month, SEO difficulty is 40 and paid difficult is 50.

Now the higher the number for these the more difficult they are and you can see that you’ve got an average cost per click of £2 66 for your pay per click.

Now I will take this with the little pinch of salt with the cost-per-click, generally you won’t actually know until you start advertising in Google ads.

Just below here you can see the number of people searching on the mobiles, and number of people that actually searching on their computers and desktops. You can also see the trends as to when people are searching for it as well, so you can see that September and February there’s a high number of searches in and around that period so you know you can up your marketing game during these periods.

reading the keywords in ubersuggest

Now you can see also wedding photography Glasgow, wedding photography prices, wedding photography costs and you’ve got wedding photography Indian here, and you can see that you get an average of 880 searches per month, now this can fluctuate between months, obviously Ubersuggedt is predicting it’s about 880 per month but the numbers can vary, it can go up and down.

Obviously it’s just taken from past data so it can’t really tell you what in the future what people are going to search for gives, but it gives you an idea as to whether people are searching for this particular phrase or you know compared to another phrase.

OK so the final free tool that I will take you through is actually Google keyword planner.

Now many of you probably think that you need to create an account and it takes a long time to get a keyword planner, but actually it only takes probably about 30 seconds and you don’t need to put your card details in.

Type in Google ads and click on ads.google.com you’ll be taken up to the sign up page.

finding the login for google ads

If you don’t already have a Google ads account, click on start now now and then just type in your email address and password.

Signing into google ads

So you will actually land on this page it says what you mean advertising goal, just ignore those three options and you want to be looking at are you a professional marketer and you switch the expert mode.

setting up google ads in expert mode

Now again you’re gonna see a lot of different options just ignore that create an account without a campaign.

Creating a google ads account without setting up new campaign

All you need to do is to double check that the United Kingdom is your billing country, time zone and the currency as well and then explore your account.

vital information in Google ads. Some info cant be changed after.

So then you’ve opened your account and you click on the top right and click keyword planner and you’ll see discover new keywords.

Google ads keyword research planner tool
keyword planner
discover new keywords with google ads

If we were to type in wedding photographer and get results, all the different keyword possible that you can opt for, which you can target.

List of keywords when searching on google keyword planner

So you got wedding photographers near me, prices, packages, cost, Asian wedding photography and you can also see the average monthly searches as well, now if you’ve been running campaigns before you’ll have more accurate figures at the moment because it’s a brand new account and you haven’t used it before and you haven’t run any campaigns, it’s going to give you a range between 10000 to 100000, 1000 to 10000 or 10 to 1000.

So the range tell you which one is more popular in which one is more sought after but it doesn’t give you specific figures.

If you have been running campaigns before, the numbers will be more accurate it will show you in 880 or 1000 or 22000 searches. It will show you competition between low, medium and high and it will tell you, it will give you a bit of an idea that the top of the page bid low range and high range as well.

So we can also assess our competitors keywords as well.

analysing your competitors keywords

We go to discover new keyword again, and instead start with the website and we just copy and paste the domain in and it will produce the results as to what keywords they’re targeting.

List of competitors keywords and what they are targeting

Wedding photographer Newcastle, wedding photographer Newcastle upon Tyne, wedding photographer in Newcastle, Northumberland wedding photographer you can see the level of competition as well.

Google keyword planner is the most comprehensive tool that you will have however obviously it takes a little while getting used to.

It’s not as fancy and easy on the eye than ubersuggest, but ubersuggest takes all this information from Google keyword planner, they just present it a lot easier and a lot nicer for people to view.

I hope you found that useful, I would recommend doing keyword research regularly in your business because if you’re in a sector or in an industry that fast-moving or has relevant news, You want to be knowing what people are searching for what phrase they’re using.

I mean everyone is unique, I would type something completely different to what you would probably type. Also as well if you’re in the fast-moving industry you’re able to keep ahead of your competitors therefore you are able to rank, your able to compete in Google ads a lot cheaply and you’re able to be an authoritative figure if you doing SEO you’re able to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

If you like the video drop me a message below I will transcribe the video and put it onto my blog and if you are on my blog and you are interested in getting more leads for your business through Google ads,  I’ve got a free Google Ads checklist which you can sign up to I will email you a cross that ebook.

Catch you next time.

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